Air Brake Systems

Tractor Air Brakes
Tractor / Towing Vehicle


  • 1 and 2 line systems (combined)

  • Air compressor large volume 159 ccm

  • Low-pressure system 8.1 bar

  • All screwed connections galvanized

  • Valve subassemblies come pre-assembled

  • New v-belts included

  • All mounting brackets CNC turned, milled, laser cut, and folded

  • Steel tubes bent

  • All parts galvanized or coated black

  • Standard C-Coupling coupling head with Euro coupling option

  • All screws, clamps, small parts included

  • Accessories, such as front-PTO, air conditioning, pickup hitch etc. taken into consideration

  • Detailed mounting instructions

  • Braking schematic and DEKRA certificate of conformity

Tractor & Trailer Air Braking Systems


Whilst talking to customers the conversation has often come around to tractor brake failure. Time and time again this has been proved to be caused by poor trailer braking. Noticing a very limited service for supplying and fitting air brakes we have spent time sourcing the best kits and our tractor systems are from Atzlinger in Austria – an extremely high quality product. 

As tractors are growing larger, heavier and faster, and the size of the trailers and their loads have also grown to meet demand, stopping the tractor and trailer quickly and safely is becoming an increasing concern to farmers and contractors as well bodies such as the DVSA.

There is an increasing clampdown on road going agricultural equipment which has lead to a growing demand (and legislation) for air brake systems to be installed to any tractor pulling large loads on the roads.  Air brakes apply the brakes to the trailer faster and with greater control than hydraulic systems helping to reduce jack-knife situations as the trailer begins braking shortly before the trailer when pressure is applied to the brake pedal.  Trailer air braking systems also utilise a fail-safe feature, not found on standard hydraulic systems, whereby if the tractor and trailer should become disconnected the trailer brakes are automatically applied bringing the trailer to a stop.  By scrolling down you'll see we can also supply or retrofit a similar system for hydraulic trailer braking systems.

We take pride in offering a complete service using the highest quality parts and ensuring they are operating at their maximum by thoroughly testing all systems once fitted and by offering free technical advice regarding any queries or issues that may arise, we realise that we are potentially dealing with lives and so will always endeavour to resolve all queries as quickly and effectively as possible. Over the years we have received many compliments about our air brake fitments and our customers are delighted with the benefits it brings.  As a result we have a high percentage of repeat business.

We always maintain a healthy supply of commonly used parts and spares for air braking systems with many more available directly from the manufactures. 

We will travel to your site to carry out all work, saving any hassle relating to sending the tractor away, with work usually completed and all tests completed within four hours.  Or if you would prefer, we have our own workshop facilities and can carry out installation and tests at our premises.


Tractor Air Brake Kit
Tractor Air Brake Kit
Accessories, Retrofits & Repairs

As well as supplying complete kits for tractors/trailers we can also carry out repairs to air braking systems or retrofit additional safety features such as load sensing or fail safe kits for oil braked trailers, please feel free to contact us for any enquiries or quotations.

Hydraulic Fail Safe System

Hydraulic Fail Safe is a dual line braking system combining a hydraulic pressure line and an electrical signal line, this ensures the trailer brakes apply if electrical power is lost or interrupted. The system is fully operated from the tractor cab via an electro-controller unit, providing maximum control.  Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Features & Benifits Of Hydraulic Fail Safe


  • Applies brakes automatically in a break-away situation

  • Trailer parking brake controlled from tractor cab

  • Maximises operator safety

  • All components pre-assembled

  • Easy to install

  • Very low maintenance

  • Acts as an anti theft device

  • Cost effective alternative to air braking systems

  • Suitable for all trailers fitted with hydraulic brakes

  • Integrated high pressure filter ensures debris cannot enter valve

Load Sensing Valves

Available for both air and hydraulic braking systems our automatic load sensing valves provide total control of trailer braking pressure, load sensing ensures that an empty trailer is never over braked, (the most common cause of skidding), with the braking pressure being automatically increased or decreased to suit the trailers load weight.
In the case of hydraulically braked trailers, this can be fitted in conjunction with the Hydraulic Fail Safe, which brings any break-away trailer to a complete stop.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

Features & Benifits Of Air & Hydraulic Load Sensing

  • Maximises tyre life

  • Reduces maintenance and related costs

  • Minimises premature brake wear

  • Reduces tyre black-spotting

  • Automatically controlled via draw bar or axle suspension

  • Easy to install

  • Suitable for all trailers and trailed implements fitted with hydraulic brakes

  • Tested to 10,000,000 cycles

Trailer Air Brake Kit


  • Load sense and shut valves pre-assembled

  • All connections SIRIT push in fittings

  • 3/8'' Hydraulic brake hose fittings

  • Nylon hosing

  • Laser cut bracketry

  • 50L Air tank

  • Susie coils supplied with air filters

  • Air/hydraulic brake chambers

  • Nuts/bolts for tank and load sense valve supplied

  • Mounting instructions supplied

  • Braking schematic supplied

Tanker Air Brake Kit