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Trailer Air Brake Kits

Trailer Air Brake Kits

Trailer air brake kit
Tanker air brake kit
Trailer Kit Features


  • Load sense and shut valves pre-assembled

  • All connections SIRIT push in fittings

  • 3/8'' Hydraulic brake hose fittings

  • Nylon hosing

  • Laser cut bracketry

  • 50L Air tank

  • Susie coils supplied with air filters

  • Air/hydraulic brake chambers

  • Nuts/bolts for tank and load sense valve supplied

  • Mounting instructions supplied

  • Braking schematic supplied

Trailer Air Braking Systems


Designed and built in house, we can offer air brake kits to fit almost any trailer, tanker, drill or trailed implement required.

Kits can be made to suit trailers with any number of axles, for either sprung, rocking beam or fixed axles with both air or leaf suspension.

Load Sensing & Much More as Standard

For fixed axle or rocking beam axles, load sensing can still be achieved either by using the trailers sprung drawbar or with a manual, three position, load sensing valve.


As an essential safety system, we believe there should be no optional extras or upgradable components to our kits so as standard include many features that are often charged extra for.  Such as: load sensing, shunt valve, air filters and blanking plugs to keep pipes clear of debris when not in use.

Comprehensive Instructions Supplied

For kits supplied only, we introduced new and vastly more detailed instruction books for all trailer kits. 

As well as the clear and simple kit schematic's previously provided, we now offer step by step detail on each part of the kit with photos and examples of how each component can be fitted.

As well as this, details are included on how load sensing valves should be correctly set up, how to adjust the brakes for optimum efficiency and offering advice to avoid pitfalls and common mistakes.

Supplied & Fitted or Supplied Only


While we can supply kits to any part of the UK and Ireland, we can also offer a fitting service.

Fitting is typically completed in 4-5 hours and can be carried out at almost any location.

As part of the service we will also test the system operation and should a tractor be available, ensure it is correctly set up for your machinery.

Simply contact us with your implement details and location for a quote. 

To provide an accurate quote, we will at least need to know the type of towed implement (eg: trailer, tanker), number of axles your trailer has, type of axles (eg: sprung or rocking beam) and total capacity (eg: 16 ton).


Agricultural air brake kit
Air brake parts
Trailer brake chamber
Accessory Equipment & Spare Parts 


All components for our trailer kits are well stocked with spare parts always available.

Brackets are designed in house before being laser cut and folded or welded where required.

In addition, we also stock a wide variety of commonly used spare parts for trailers including brake shoes and control valves used by other manufacturers.

For any parts requirements, just contact us and we'll help out however we can.

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