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Key Features
  • The new curved body allows quick and easy discharge and reduces the amount of material which lodges in the corners of trailer.

  • Lower than the DTM dump trailers allows greater vision over the top and allows smaller diggers to load.

  • Wider than the DTM dump trailers to allow unloading

  • Fully integrated hydraulic rear door with cylinders hidden for protection.

Halfpipe Dump Trailers

The new range of Halfpipe dumpers are a direct replacement for the previous wide body dump trailers which were a follow on from the success of the original DTM dump trailers (still produced).

These Halfpipe dump trailers are mounted on a similar backbone chassis as the DTM dump and 12T Monique silage trailers, a very well proven design.

The advantages of this new body design are as follows.

We will happily quote for new trailers, whilst also providing any advice we can on optional extras in order to tailor fit specific demands.  For any further questions regarding new and used trailers, please don’t hesitate to contact us​ by phone or email.


WBDT 15 Ton

  • 8.3 cubic metre

  • Hydraulic rear door

  • Sprung Drawbar

  • Backbone chassis w/ boggie axles

  • 10 Stud Axles

  • Body 4.5m x 2.55m x 0.8m

  • 385/65/22.5 tyres as standard

  • Lighting


  • 11.5 cubic metre

  • Hydraulic rear door

  • Sprung drawbar

  • Backbone chassis w/ 26t suspension system

  • 10 stud commercial axles

  • Body 5.0m x 2.55m x 1.0m

  • 445/65/22.5 tyres as standard

  • Lighting


Additional Info
  • Air/Hydraulic Brakes with Load sensing

  • Air Brakes

  • Commercial Axles

  • Choice of high strength steel ie WBX model

  • 20.5 x 22.5 Kargo Radials


Kane Engineering reserves the right to vary their specification at any time in accordance with their policy of constant product improvement. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this website, neither the manufacturers nor the distributor or dealer shall in any circumstances be held liable for any inaccuracy or the consequence thereof.

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