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Key Features
  • Detachable Front Headboard

  • Sprung Ramps

  • Wooden and Chequered Plate Floor

  • Low Angled Beaver Tail (for safer loading)

  • Twin Tool Boxes with Crash Barriers

Low Loader Trailers


The Kane Low Loader is one of the lowest low loaders on the market accompany this with the gentle beaver tail and it makes it safer for loading excavators.

These Low Loaders are available in a range of lengths but fall into two main groups, 16 Ton and 24 Ton, other uncommon specs can be available.

We will happily quote for new trailers, whilst also providing any advice we can on optional extras in order to tailor fit specific demands.  For any further questions regarding new and used trailers, please don’t hesitate to contact us​ by phone or email.



16 Ton LLTM

  • Lengths 6.35 – 7.25 meters

  • Tandem axle w/spring sets

  • Sprung ramps

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Lights

  • 215 x 17.5 tyres

24 Ton LLTM

  • Lengths from 7.25 – 11 meters

  • Tri-Axle w/ spring sets

  • Sprung ramps

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Lights

  • 215 x 17.5 tyres

Additional Info
  • Air Brakes with load sensing and ABS

  • Out Riggers

  • Hydraulic Ramps

  • Racks

  • Wedge to make beaver tail flat


Kane Engineering reserves the right to vary their specification at any time in accordance with their policy of constant product improvement. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the particulars contained in this website, neither the manufacturers nor the distributor or dealer shall in any circumstances be held liable for any inaccuracy or the consequence thereof.

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