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Technical Specifications
  • Working width - 2.2m

  • Transport width - 2.8m

  • Length - 2.0m

  • Rotor diameter - 1m

  • Rotor blades - 6pcs

  • Double spring tines - 75pcs

  • Tyre size - 18X8,5-8

  • Weight  - 595kg

TR220 & TR480 Sideflow


The versatile TR 220 tedders/swathers are suitable for many uses including making silage and hay as well as swathing straw.

The TR machines can be used to turn, spread and move swaths as well as combine them. As the rotor with a large diameter and penetrating power lifts and turns the swath, it becomes fluffy and of a uniform height resulting in fast drying.

ELHO's TR 220 can be equipped with a SideFlow horizontal side elevator which enables both tedding and combining swaths. The SideFlow horizontal elevator has a self-centralising mat with large throwing power thanks to the angled rubber strips. In addition, the elevator has an adjustable inclination and rollers with spring tensioning, significantly reducing the need to tighten the mat retrospectively. The TR 220 has pre-mounted fittings for the SideFlow elevator so the mounting work is easy.

The double tines of the TR tedders are secured with wires. If they break, they will not end up in the chopper rotor of the harvester.

We will happily quote for new machines, whilst also providing any advice we can on optional extras in order to tailor fit specific demands. For any further questions regarding new and used machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Key Features

  • A large rotor lifts the forage – not drag it along the ground

  • The wax layer of the straws is rubbed which improves drying

  • The forage is turned and directed to a fluffy swath

  • The TR 220 tedder can be equipped with a SideFlow conveyor

  • Over 15,000 TR machines manufactured since 1975.

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