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Technical Specifications
  • Working width - 3.0m

  • Transport width - 3.2m

  • Length - 2.2m

  • Rotor diameter - 98cm

  • Rotor blades - 6pcs

  • Double spring tines - 96pcs

  • Tyre size - 18X8,5-8

  • Weight - 570kg



This machine is equipped with a large, six-bar and double-tined rotor which lifts the forage into the chamber.

The rotor pickup is precise even at lower speeds. A lower rotor speed when swathing reduces drop off losses. With higher rpm the forage rubs against the top part of the rotor chamber resulting in faster drying.


The long swath plates in the back help to form a fluffy, fast-drying swath. Thanks to the smooth swath plates, the swaths are even and easy to pick up. The forage can also be moved sideways thanks to the wheels that can be adjusted and locked in different positions and the turning hauling device.


For the 2016 season the TR 300 has a stronger frame, a stronger rotor with 96 double tines, a stronger 1" drive chain and the swath plates are now adjustable. Also the colour is changed to yellow and grey.

We will happily quote for new machines, whilst also providing any advice we can on optional extras in order to tailor fit specific demands. For any further questions regarding new and used machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us​ by phone or email.

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