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Technical Specifications
  • Working width - 4.1m

  • Transport width - 3.0m

  • Length - 2.1m

  • Number of rake tines - 138pcs

  • Hydraulic motor - 1pcs

  • Required oil flow - 25l/min

  • Hydraulic connection - 1 single-action, free return

  • Weight - 540kg

Twin 4600


The Twin 4600 is a front mounted swather with an angled rotor, and is the newest arrival to the ELHO Twin family.

This front mounted one-rotor machine is equipped with all the familiar benefits of other Twin models: it lifts and moves the forage or straw in the air.

There is no need to drive on top of the forage and the forage stays clean.

The driving distances with the harvester on the fields drops by half.

By combining the swaths for a forage harvester, time is saved, the harvesting is more efficient and less fuel is needed.

The Twin 4600 is also excellent in turning straw swaths for drying. The straw swaths can be turned upside down, with a high tractor speed, and moved to a dry area.

The swathing unit includes a floating installation to the frame ensuring clean both pick up and forage. The machine is fully hydraulic and requires a flow of only 25 l/min. When using the Twin 4600 as a “regular” swather, combining two or three swaths the work is done effectively.

The Twin 4600 is an excellent partner for all types of forage harvesters. The swath has twice the amount of forage, so the driving speed can be kept reasonable making it easier to control the harvester and saving fuel. The hydraulic-driven Twin 4600 can be attached to a front lift or a front loader (euro) as standard. When attached to the front lift, the swather is brought closer to the tractor which is a benefit. Front loader attachment offers more flexibility choosing the tractor.

The ELHO Twin 4600 - the simplest and fastest way to dry straw swaths.

We will happily quote for new machines, whilst also providing any advice we can on optional extras in order to tailor fit specific demands. For any further questions regarding new and used machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us​ by phone or email.

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