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Technical Specifications
  • Working width - 3.0 - 8.0m **

  • Swath width - 1.3 - 1.9m

  • Transport width - 2.6m

  • Length - 6.3m

  • Number of rake tines - 322pcs

  • Hydraulic motor 2pcs

  • Required oil flow - 25l/min

  • Hydraulic connection - 1 double action, 2 single action *
    free return

  • Weight - 2150kg

* option: 2 double action and free return

** maximum width depending on the swath width

V-Twin 750 Super


The ELHO V-Twin swather does not drag the forage along the ground; it throws the forage diagonally up in the air with repeated movements mowing the forage to the middle of the swather. The forage stays clean and of top-quality and is not polluted from soil impurities.

The V-Twin 750 swather is equipped with HydroBalance suspension and pendulum mid-suspension to ensure that the machine follows the ground surface smoothly.

Thanks to the lifting and throwing motion of the swather, no rocks end up in the swath, unlike with conventional tine carousels. This reduces the risk of expensive damage to the forage harvester or baler which follows and keeps the forage clean. 


Double rotors, with their seven tine bars and 322 tines cast into rubber, lift the forage. Their rotation speed is adjustable and the swath width can easily be optimised for the harvester/baler.

There is less distance to cover, harvesting is more efficient and fuel consumption is reduced. A flexible working width of 3-8 metres (adjustable from the cabin while driving) makes V-Twin an ideal machine for irregular sections as well.


The maximum working width depends on the wanted width of the swath.

The swather is easy to adjust according to widths of different mower conditioners, just spread the wings as needed. The size of the forage harvester does not matter.

The construction of the rotors of the V-Twin create a fluffy swath that is easy to pick. Thanks to the multi-tined rotors, the result is an even swath and the risk of clogging up the harvester/baler is small. The forage is then clean as it is mowed in the air.

We will happily quote for new machines, whilst also providing any advice we can on optional extras in order to tailor fit specific demands. For any further questions regarding new and used machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us​ by phone or email.

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