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New Swivel Spouts For Slurry Tankers

Slurry Tanker Hire

As of February 2017 we have fitted a Moscha Swivel Spout to our hire fleet slurry tankers. No additional charge will be added for the hire of a tanker fitted with a slurry spout vs a standard splash plate.

The primary benefits of using this system come from the even spread pattern and far better utilisation of Nitrogen within the slurry. The motion of the spout converts slurry into larger droplets than with a splash plate meaning that the nitrogen is held withing these droplets until it hits the ground and soaks in, reducing nitrogen emissions.

The spread pattern meanwhile, adjustable between 12 - 18 metres and is very even regardless of the difference in slurry being spread, both thick and watery consistencies make no difference.

Conor Slurry Tanker

Main benefits can be summed up as follows:

  • No power required to drive the unit

  • Very even spread, thick or watery slurry, no difference

  • Better Utilisation of N.P.K.

  • Choice of spread 12 - 18m

  • Gets more value from your slurry

  • Converts slurry into big droplets

  • Reduced nitrogen emissions

  • 3,000 units sold in Germany and Austria in 2013

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