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3D Printing Service Coming Soon

Our newest service for 2022 will be 3D design and printing featuring Low Force Stereolithography technology to produce strong and highly detailed parts exactly to your requirements.

Over the last few years we've found more and more parts being rendered obsolete by manufacturers and small components failing of an overall part that cannot be bought individually, resulting in large repair bills for customers. We'll now be able to reproduce these parts quickly and efficiently resulting in an improved service for all our customers.

This is only scratching the surface of the possibilities however, we'll be able to offer a range of printing materials from hard tough plastics, to soft flexible materials suitable for seals and gaskets. Even ceramics are an option.

If you've a part or design in mind, we'll be able to build a 3D CAD model and print it for you, alternatively if you've got a CAD model already, you can send it to us for printing.

We'll be updating the website with a dedicated page and more information as soon as possible.


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